"Der Lehrer" finally sees the light of day

This seems to be the month of good news, so let me share another one: “Der Lehrer” (the teacher), a single camera comedy series shot in 2007, finally has an airdate: The first (and so far only) season will be broadcast weekly on Monday nights, beginning August 10, at 9.15pm on RTL.

That this show finally sees the light of day means a lot to me. It’s been one of my favorite projects to write for. The subject, the difficult situation of teachers and schools in current times, was relevant when we wrote it and is not a bit less relevant today because, frankly, our school system sucks. Big time. This show won’t change any of that but what it can do is raise awareness, and in a funny and emotional way.

I sincerely hope that this show finds an audience. And a broad audience it could have, since it concerns teachers and children and their families alike. And dammit, it’s funny! So don’t be alarmed that the network took almost two years to put this show on the air. Give it a spin, and if you like it, spread the word. Not only for me but for the other writers involved, Peter Freiberg, Thomas Koch, Berthold Probst and Oliver Welter. And for each and everyone in front of and behind the camera who were involved in this project with all their heart and soul.