This And That

Folks, sorry for being so long but I’ve been on a four week vacation and didn’t want to advertise an empty apartment to the world. Well, now you know, and by the way, it’s been great!

Of course, four weeks means there’s a lot for me to catch up to, so let me try to bring you up to speed:

Post production of C.I.S. is coming along nicely. I have yet to see the material but I hear it’s hilarious.

Filming of Sechserpack VII has wrapped. Eight of the thirteen episodes will be broadcast beginning Friday of the next week (September 4th, 2009), with two episodes back to back filling the 10.15 pm-11.15 pm time slot. We don’t know yet when the remaining five episodes will be broadcast but of course I’ll keep you informed.

While I was away, “Der Lehrer” finally made its debut on the air and made quite an impact. The ratings are satisfactory and the feedback I got personally is raving as well, even though critics seemed to have a hard time with it. Sadly, the whole thing will be over next week already (again, eight episodes/two back to back), so the audience won’t even have a chance to get used to the show. Not that it has to: The odds of renewal are minimal at best, with the episodes being more than two and a half years old and the ratings solid but not through the roof. Still, I’m glad it’s out there, and I’m still proud of what we achieved.

The DVD box sets of “Mein Leben & Ich” seasons five and six and of the one and only season of “Herzog” have hit the store shelves and are hopefully flying off them. I don’t get any statistics but at least the feedback that reaches me is, again, very positive.

There’s probably a lot more that has just slipped my mind or has still to come to my attention, but for now this is all I can think of. I am equally behind with my email so to everyone who contacted me: I am still working through my inbox, so I probably did get your email and you will get an answer within the week. Thank you for your patience.