"Der Lehrer" wins German Television Award


Ahem. Sorry about that. Well, despite hell not freezing over (as far as I know), I can finally report that a project I am involved with has been recognized with an award – and a good one as well: “Der Lehrer” won the German Television Award (it’s the equivalent of the Emmys with less glamor, prestige, and categories (especially for writers)) in the Best Television Series category. I’m really excited about it, especially since “Der Lehrer” is one of my favorite projects and I am really honored to have been working on the show. It’s also noteworthy that until two years ago, the Television Award had a Best Sitcom category of its own but either the lack of sitcoms or the lack of good sitcoms made it disappear, which means that “Der Lehrer” not only had to compete against other sitcoms but every other new television series out there. All the more reason to celebrate, which I will do now. By going voting for the Bundestagswahl. Which you should do, too, by the way. If you’re eligible, that is.